Building Dynamic LAPACKE With SCons

Posted on March 13, 2012

I wanted a shared library of LAPACKE on my linux box. I did this so that I can work with Jalla in GHCi, but it might be useful in other cases too. Since LAPACKE comes with a plain makefile, and I had to also leave out some files depending amongst others on XBLAS, I wrote a SConstruct file (for the great SCons build system) to build a dynamic as well as a static LAPACKE:

# This file is part of Jalla <>.
# Copyright 2012 Christian Gosch.
# 1. You may have to modify the library paths and/or names below to suit your system.
# 2. Copy this SConstruct file to the top level directory of LAPACKE
# 3. Call "scons" on the command line, possibly "scons -jN" where N is the
#    number of processors to use.
# 4. Copy the built libraries where you need them.
# This worked for the LAPACKE which was delivered with LAPACK 3.4.0.
# Builds a shared and a static library.
# Dependencies: LAPACK, BLAS, CBLAS

import re, sys, glob

env = Environment ()
utils_sources   = Glob ('utils/*.c')

# XBLAS dependent functions
x_regex = re.compile ('xx\.c$|sx\.c$|xx_work\.c$|sx_work\.c$') # |^cla_|^sla_')
# Test generation functions
testing_regex = re.compile ('.*lapacke_[sdcz]la')
# Functions apparently not available in stock Ubuntu 11.10 LAPACK, only in LAPACK 3.4.0
other_regex = re.compile ('qrt\.c$|qrt2\.c$|qrt3\.c|rfb\.c$|qrt_work\.c$|qrt2_work\.c$|qrt3_work\.c|rfb_work\.c$')

# Filtering out XBLAS dependencies
lapacke_sources = filter (lambda fn: == None, glob.glob ('src/*.c'))
# Filtering out testing dependencies
lapacke_sources = filter (lambda fn: == None, lapacke_sources)
# Filtering out other (new 3.4.0 functions??) dependencies
lapacke_sources = filter (lambda fn: == None, lapacke_sources)

env.Append (LIBS = ['lapack', 'f77blas', 'cblas', 'm'])
env.Append (CPPPATH = ['../include', './include'])
env.Append (LIBPATH = ['/usr/lib/atlas-base/'])

env.SharedLibrary ('lapacke', lapacke_sources + utils_sources)
env.StaticLibrary ('lapacke', lapacke_sources + utils_sources)